Joyful Noise

Synopsis: Falllen on hard times, the small town of Pacashau, Georgia are counting on the Divinity Church Choir to lift their spirits by winning the National Joyful Noise Competition. Vi Rose Hill, their newly appointed director, wants to stick with their tried-and-true traditional style, while the fiery G.G. Sparrow thinks tried-and-true translates to tired-and-old.

The arrival of G.G.’s rebellious grandson, Randy, shakes things up even more. Randy has an ear for music...and an eye for Vi Rose’s beautiful and talented daughter, Olivia. The sparks between the two teenagers cause more friction between G.G. and Vi Rose.

If these two strong-willed women can put aside their differences for the good of the people in their town, they—and their choir—may make the most joyful noise of all.

Release Date: January 13, 2012
Release Date for DVD/Blu-Ray: May 1, 2012